Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans: Bloss Organic Decaf Blend (250g)

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans: Bloss Organic Decaf Blend (250g)


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We have teamed up with local speciality coffee roasters &Bloss to bring you sustainably sourced, freshly roasted coffee beans with no single-use plastic! This organic decaf blend is from Honduras and Timor.

Carlos Refrain Paz Sevilla and his family planted the first trees in the Finca Altos de Erapuca coffee farm in 2008. It has been an uphill battle to get to the quality they have now as all the coffee has been planted within the rainforest at high altitude. This creates a great quality of flavour but the reduced yield is the sacrifice. We are extremely grateful for this family run farm's commitment to its high standard of environmental sustainability, we're very proud to bring you their coffee.

The Village of Eratoi on the Timor Island has been growing coffee for generations. The co-op run by Senhor Laurentino Soares are committed to high standards of organic farming in the Rain forests of Timor. 

This blend of this Natural from Honduras and the Washed from Indonesian Timor Island brings together a nutty rich flavour of the rain forest! This coffee does however, have a red cherry that shows through. But the dominant flavours are dark chocolate and nuts with hints of ginger and black pepper. 

This is a decaffeinated treat!

This is delivered in a reusable, sealable tin and is also available pre-ground for Cafetière (French Press). These beans are roasted in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest roast possible.

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