Loose Leaf Tea: Breakfast Blend (100g)

Loose Leaf Tea: Breakfast Blend (100g)


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100g: 50 cups

A good strong tea for Breakfast time. This blend is based on a thick Assam tea with some added finesse from a lighter tea from Ceylon. Many versions of English Breakfast Tea exist and vary significantly in quality. The term was first used in 1843 by a tea blender in New York and he created his blend from various Chinese teas. Later, as tea growing spread to Assam in Northern India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) blends were produced using these two origins. Today the term English Breakfast is of no use in judging what might be in the blend as teas from anywhere in the world might be included. As a result there is no way of knowing if it is of inferior or superior quality.

That is why we have chosen to create our Breakfast Blend. This blend returns to the more modern tradition of the tea to be taken with breakfast and is based on a thick, malty Assam tea with a little Ceylon tea added for its light pungency. You can be sure of the quality with our Breakfast Blend.

Tasters say – robust, round
Looks – dark reddish
Region – Assam, India and Ceylon
Brew – For best results, 4 – 5 mins (but you will work out what’s best for you) really should be drunk with milk

Tea bags contain up to 25% plastic and are usually sold wrapped in plastic. Escape all that plastic by going loose leaf! This tea is fresher and tastier, selected by an expert tea taster.

This is sold in a reusable aluminium tin.

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