Pre-Ground Coffee Beans: Bloss House Blend (250g)

Pre-Ground Coffee Beans: Bloss House Blend (250g)


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We have teamed up with local speciality coffee roasters &Bloss to bring you sustainably sourced, freshly roasted, pre-ground coffee beans with no single-use plastic! The beans are a coarse grind ideal for Cafetière (French Press).

This simple blend is a combination of coffee from Myanmar and Rwanda. Both single origins have been through a similar washed process. The farmers remove the skin and mucilage, after fermentation the seed is dried, creating clean and acidic flavours. You will often get a clearer sense of the origin this way and the "terroir" of its growth. To improve complexity, the cherries are grown in the shade of other trees which ripens the cherries slower. Pairing these two coffees together makes for a coffee that stands out from the crowd, but you know is reliable and consistent very time. That's why it's their house blend!

This is delivered in a reusable, sealable tin and is also available whole bean. This coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest roast possible.

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